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    Which of the following loop avoidance mechanisms drives the requirement to create sub interfaces for each point-to-point connection in a partially meshed frame relay network?

    A. split horizon

    B. poison reverse

    C. maximum hop count

    D. feasible successor

    Correct Answer: A


    Which command is used on a Catalyst 2950 series switch to enable basic port security on the interface? A. set port-security

    B. switch port port-security

    C. set port-security enable

    D. switch port port-security enable

    Correct Answer: B


    Which of the following IPV6 commands is used to define a static host name-to-address mapping in the host name cache?

    A. ipv6 host

    B. ipv6 unicast routing

    C. ipv6 neighbor

    D. ipv6 local

    Correct Answer: A


    Which of the following commands would allow you to determine the bandwidth of an interface?

    A. show interfaces

    B. show interfaces accounting

    C. show cdp

    D. show cdp neighbors

    Correct Answer: A


    Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding flow control?

    A. It determines the rate at which the data is transmitted between the sender and receiver.

    B. It can help avoid network congestion.

    C. It manages the data transmission between devices.

    D. It uses a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) to identify and remove corrupted data.

    Correct Answer: D
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