Sep 5, 2018
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If you are looking for the dumps of Microsoft 70-348 exam then you at the right place. If you will follow my instructions or guidelines regarding this exam then it would become very easy for you to pass this exam in first attempt. I will suggest you some exam questions which you firstly have to download from website and then you will have to prepare those questions two to three times before your final exam. Here is everything for you 70-348 Dumps. These are flowing questions which I attempt in real exam.

Q: - You need to ensure that when users perform bill of materials (BOM) calculations, they receive a warning message if any manufactured components are missing an active BOM.

What should you configure?

A. A costing sheet

B. Calculation groups

C. Configuration groups

D. Cost groups

Correct Answer: B

Q: - You need to report a bill of materials (BOM) as finished. Which three settings should you specify before you report the BOM as finished? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Subcomponents

B. BOM number

C. Date

D. Quantity

E. Storage dimensions

Correct Answer: BCD

Q: - You have an item that is a component of several bills of materials (BOMs). You need to change the item number of the item in all the BOMs that use the item. Which process should you use?

A. Recalculate BOM levels

B. Change BOM item

C. Change formula item

D. Corrections

Correct Answer: B

Q: - You need to identify the minimum number of warehouses that must exist before you can create a transfer order?

How many should you identify?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Correct Answer: B

Q: -You need to configure which ledger account will be used when you post various types of inventory transactions. Which form should you use?

A. Inventory and warehouse management parameters

B. Item model groups

C. General ledger parameters

D. Item groups

Correct Answer: B