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    here are the new 247 questions please comment with any suggested answers

    suggested answers

    this is what I came up so far, any suggestions or differences please post

    woodgrove bank:

    -recommend solution APP1
    no answer

    -deploy virtual machine
    no answer

    -manage server1
    server4 - run add resource wiz
    server11 - run setup.exe

    -implement vmm ipam
    IPAM ASM adm server 10
    Remote Man server 4

    -design orch infastructure
    no answer

    mix quest:

    -cofigs that prevent VM Azure site recov
    vm1: operating system disk size
    vm2: genetation
    vm3: data disk size

    -config all req IP add pools and reserv
    no answer - cant see all actions

    -config app controller web site
    ssl settings

    datum corp:

    -user9 can perform actions cloud manage
    get-scuserrole, role1, set-scuserrole

    -config serrver1
    reinstall vmm or install storage replica

    -should do on server1 and server 2
    server1: install ops manager console
    server2: import management pack

    -settings should user9 config AWSUS
    port 8530
    runAS user3

    -port open on firewall

    I think the Last one should be -port open on firewall = 5723
    433 - SSL
    8530 & 8531 - WSUS
    5986 - Powershell

    but let me know what you think?

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