AZ-102 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition Exam Study Material 2018

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    So unexpected that I passed

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    test at my first attempt with 92% of questions, it's really valid, Very useful AZ-102 exam material. I'm lucky I choose it as my exam tool. Braindumpskey provided exact as it is pdf practice questions which I attempt in real exam. These are following questions which I attempt in final exam.

    Q: - You need to meet the technical requirement for VM4. What should you create and configure?

    A. an Azure Event Hub

    B. an Azure services Bus

    C. an Azure Logic App

    D. an Azure Notification Hub

    Answer: A

    Q: - You are the global administrator for an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenet named You need to enable two-step verification for Azure users.
    What should you do?

    A. Configure a security policy in Azure Security Center.

    B. Create and configure the Identity Hub.

    C. Create a sign-in risk policy in Azure AD Identity Protection

    D. Enable Azure AD Privileged Identity Management.

    Answer: C

    Q: - You plan to use the Azure Import/Export service to copy files to a storage account.
    Which two files should you create before you prepare the drives for the import job? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

    NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

    A. a JSON configuration file

    B. a dataset CSV file

    C. a driveset CSV file

    D. an XML manifest file

    E. a PowerShell PS1 file

    Answers: B, C
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    Great material! I just passed the az-102 exam and it was because of Realdumpspdf! I am a VERY satisfied and happy customer! I will be getting the az-102 dumps pdf from Realdumpspdf. Thanks!

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