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Jul 27, 2018
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Share some Dell Certification DCPPE-200 exam questions and answers below.
A customer has five VRTXs in a chassis group that they need to disband. The engineer disbands the chassis group from the group leader, but a networking interruption prevents two of the VRTXs from getting the signal to leave the group.
What should the engineer do to finish disbanding the chassis group?
A. Remove the remaining members from the group leader's Remove Members list
B. Recreate the group from the group leader and disband it again
C. Remove the group association from the group members individually
D. Reboot the CM Cs of the remaining members
Answer: C

An engineer is running an inventory report on a VRTX chassis group for a customer. When the engineer views the report, the engineer notices the inventory of one of the VRTX is missing one of its nodes.
What is the cause?
A. The VRTX group member is in Chassis Power State Off since the node was inserted.
B. The VRTX group member is disconnected from the network at the time of the report.
C. The node's iDRAC is unreachable from the VRTX group leader's CMC.
D. The node's iDRAC needs to have an Enterprise license installed.
Answer: C

An engineer is deploying a new server node into an existing chassis for a virtualization cluster. The existing cluster nodes have many modified BIOS settings to meet workload needs.
How should the engineer quickly deploy the new server node with matching BIOS settings?
A. Use System Setup to configure dynamic profile settings based on workload.
B. Use the iDRAC GUI to replicate from an existing server profile.
C. Use the CMC Server Profiles to clone an existing server profile.
D. Use the Lifecycle Controller to mirror a cluster member profile.
Answer: A

An engineer has a new blade chassis that is % full. The chassis has six power supplies. The chassis at peak power usage needs at minimum four power supplies. Redundancy is NOT a concern.
The engineer needs a policy to meet the current needs and provide enough power to a fully populated chassis.
Which policy should the engineer choose?
A. N+0
B. N+1
C. N+2
D. N+N
Answer: A

A VRTX server comes with two server modules. The customer requests to assign three PCle Adapters per each server module. While performing this configuration, the engineer is unable to assign more than two PCle Adapters per server module.
What is the cause of this issue?
A. The VRTX chassis came with a CMC Express License.
B. The CMC configuration needs to be reset to the factory defaults.
C. The VRTX chassis needs to be updated with the latest firmware.
D. This is a limitation of VRTX chassis.
Answer: D


May 3, 2019
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