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    yesterday. Thanks for mb6-898 exam braindumps “Huge help” You are providing great and valid mb6-898 exam material. It’s very helpful to my career! These dumps pdf questions fully matched with real exam questions. These are following questions which I attempt in final exam.

    Q: - After an aggressive expansion, there is now a need to hire a communications coordinator.
    Before you start recruiting for the position, what should be performed in the Core HR application?

    A. Create a Resource project.

    B. Create a new job.

    C. Enter a new job family.

    D. Enter the job information

    Answer: A

    Q: - You are a marketing director. Your sales administrators just added the Budgeting skill as part of their semi-annual goals. You are creating the skill on your employee profile. Which three related items can you add to the skill? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

    A. Years of experience

    B. Goal

    C. Level

    D. Examiner

    E. Certification number

    Answer: B, C, D

    Q: - You are the HR director for a company that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. An organizational change is made, and the accounts payable administrator must report to a new accounts payable. Which form should be used to define this new relationship?

    A. Positions

    B. Employees

    C. Jobs

    D. Workers

    Answer: B

    Q: - You are managing a new job using the online version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. You want to stay in communication with job candidates throughout the job selection process. At which step can job candidates receive their first email from Dynamics 365 for Talent?

    A. once a job applicant is assigned to the Pending stage

    B. once a job applicant is advanced to the Interview stage

    C. once the jot) applicant has been manually added to the job

    D. once a job applicant has been advanced to the Screening stage

    Answer: A

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