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What is the purpose of ClearPass Onboarding?

A. to remotely control devices
B. to provision and revoke device credentials
C. to control IoT device access
D. to manage firmware and patches

Answer: B

Which type of authentication request is sent from the NAD to ClearPass during guest web authentication?

C. RADIUS Guest-Access
D. WebAuth Request
E. RADIUS Access-Request

Answer: A

Which ClearPass posture token indicates that while the client is compliant, there is an available update for the client?

A. Healthy
B. Checkup
C. Unknown
D. Remediate
E. Infected

Answer: B

Which collector can help to distinguish between an iPhone and an iPad?


Answer: E

What is the benefit of persistent agents over dissolvable agents?

A. Auto-remediation
B. Autonomous logon
C. Firewall tracking
D. Firewall checks
E. Advanced Posture checks

Answer: A

Which ClearPass feature is used for endpoint compliance and client health status?

A. Posture
B. Onboard
C. Profiling
D. Captive Portal

Answer: B

Which agents are valid Posture agents used by the ClearPass Policy Manager? (Select three.)

A. OnGuard persistent agent
B. Microsoft AD
C. OnGuard dissolvable agent
D. Cisco Trust Agent
E. Microsoft NAP

Answer: ACE

Which database in the Policy Manager contains the device attributes derived by profiling?

A. Endpoints Repository
B. Client Repository
C. Local Users Repository
D. Onboard Devices Repository
E. Guest User Repository

Answer: A

Which Authorization Source supports device profile enforcement?

A. Local User Repository
B. OnGuard Repository
C. Endpoints Repository
D. Guest User Repository

Answer: A

when a role mapping policy should be used in an 802.1x service with Active Directory as the authentication source?

A. When you want to send roles from the AD user to enforcement policies directly from AD attributes.
B. When you want to send Aruba firewall roles back to the Aruba Network Access Drive.
C. When you want to translate and combine AD attributes into ClearPass roles.
D. When you want to enable attributes as roles directly without combining multiple attributes

Answer: A

A ClearPass deployment needs to be designed to determine which department the employee is in on the Active Directory Server and whether the user's device is a computer or smart device. Which Policy Manager components will the network administrator need to use? (Choose three.)

A. Posture
B. Onboard
C. Profiler
D. Enforcement
E. Authorization
F. Authentication

Answer: BCF

Refer to the exhibit:
An administrator has enabled department' and memberOf' as roles. Which effect will this have on Enforcement?

A. The user's member Of attribute is sent back to the controller as a firewall role.
B. The user's authentication will be rejected if the user does not have a department attribute in AD.
C. The user's department and group membership must be included in role mapping rules.
D. The user's department and group membership will be available as roles for evaluation by the enforcement policy.

Answer: C

A customer would like to authenticate employees using a captive portal guest web login page. Employees should use their AD credentials to login on this page.
Which statement is true?

A. Employees must be taken to a separate web login page on the guest network.
B. The customer needs to add second guest service in the policy manager for the guest network.
C. The customer needs to add the AD server as an authentication source in a guest service.
D. The customer needs to add the AD servers RADIUS certificate to the guest network.

Answer: C

What is a RADIUS Change of Authorization?

A. It allows ClearPass to change the user role for the client without disconnecting.
B. It allows ClearPass to transmit messages to the NAD/NAS to modify a user's session status.
C. It forces the client to re-authenticate upon roaming to an access point.
D. It is a mechanism that allows ClearPass to assign a new VLAN to a wired user.

Answer: B

You have Guest Self-Registration with Internal Sponsorship configured and wish to send users their credentials automatically.
Which options need to be enabled? (Choose two.)

A. Configure the receipt page actions to send a receipt.
B. Configure the receipt page form to include the Guest Username and password.
C. Configure an Email Server in ClearPass Guest Administration.
D. Configure the Sponsor Confirmation Settings to send an email receipt to the Guest.
E. Configure an Email Server in ClearPass Policy Manager Administration.

Answer: AB

Which options support DHCP profiling for devices in a network? (Choose two.)

A. configuring ClearPass as a DHCP relay for the client
B. enabling the DHCP server to profile endpoints and forward meta-data to ClearPass
C. enabling DHCP relay on our network access devices so DHCP requests are forwarded to ClearPass
D. enabling the DHCP server to forward DHCP traffic to ClearPass
E. DHCP profiling is enabled on ClearPass by default; configuration of the network access devices is not necessary

Answer: AC

What are two ways that devices can download the Onboard provisioning profile and credentials from ClearPass? (Choose two.)

A. from the Android market
B. Over-the-Air API
C. download from iTunes
D. Bonjour

Answer: BD

A clearPass administrator wants to make Enforcement decisions during 802.1x authentication based on a client's Onguard posture token.

B. Quarantine VLAN
C. Full Access VLAN
D. RADIUS Accept
E. RADIUS Reject

Answer: A

Your boss suggests that you configure a guest self-registration page in ClearPass for the Conference Events SSID.
Which advantages will this give? (Choose two.)

A. It will allow guest users to create a login account for the web login page.
B. It will stop employees from putting their corporate devices on the event network.
C. It will allow employees to get their own devices securely connected to the network.
D. It will allow the Conference center to collect extra information about the guest.
E. It can be pre-located with guest information from the conference registration.

Answer: AE

How can Enforcement Policy rules be evaluated? (Choose two.)

A. It is checked top down, as configured in the rules tab.
B. All rules are checked, and all matches are used.
C. If no rules match, the request is rejected.
D. It is checked bottom up, as configured in the rules tab.
E. All rules are checked, and the best match is used.

Answer: AC

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