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Jun 12, 2016
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Some new vSphere 6.5 Foundations 2V0-602 Exam Questions:

New Question
A new vApp was built and tested in the corporate headquarters datacenter running vSphere 6.x.
What condition would explain why the virtual machine is failing to boot in an offsite datacenter running on vSphere 5.5?

A. The virtual machine was built with the default hardware version.
B. The VMFS 5 datastore is not compatible with virtual machines configured with vSphere 6.x.
C. A DRS 5.5 cluster cannot run virtual machines configured with vSphere 6.x.
D. The VMDK file is locked.

Answer: A

New Question
When configuring vSphere Replication for a virtual machine, what is the lowest Recovery Point Objective (RPO) that can be selected?

A. 1 min
B. 5 min
C. 10 min
D. 15min

Answer: B

New Question
Which two Fibre Channel zoning options are supported with vSphere 6.x? (Choose two.)

A. Single-Initiator
B. Single-Initiator-Single-Target
C. Multiple-Initiators-Single-Target
D. Multiple-Initiators-Multiple-Targets

Answer: AB

New Question
Which two are true about the Risk badge in vRealize Operations? (Choose two.)

A. The Risk badge indicates potential future problems that may degrade the performance of the system.
B. Risks may require attention in the near future.
C. The Risk badge indicates problems that are degrading performance of the system.
D. Risks require attention now to correct system performance problems.

Answer: AB

New Question
When attempting to power on a Virtual Machine you observe the following error:
Cannot open the disk '/vmfs/volumes/volume/vm/vm-000002.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
Which three actions will be the best solutions to address this problem? (Choose three.)

A. Verify that the virtual machine's disk files are present.
B. Investigate the host and virtual machine log files.
C. Verify the vmdk descriptor files and if required, recreate them.
D. Delete the disk file preventing the power on operation.
E. Migrate or register the virtual machine to a different host.

Answer: ABC

New Question
Which two allow for the disabling of Network Rollback operations? (Choose two.)

A. Modifying the vpxd advanded configuration options and adding the key
B. Modifying the C:\ProgramData\VMware\CIS\cfg\vmware-vpx\vpxd.cfg file and adjusting the<rollback> xml tag
C. Modifying the C:\ProgramData\VMware\CIS\cfg\vmware-vpx\vpxd.cfg file and adjusting the <networkrollback> xml tag
D. Modifying the C:\ProgramData\VMware\CIS\cfg\vmware-vpx\firstboot\vpxd-service- spec.prop file and adjusting the <rollback> xml tag

Answer: AB

New Question
An administrator is configuring the Failover Order option on a vSphere Distributed Switch.
Which two options should be used with IP-hash load balancing? (Choose two.)

A. Active Uplinks
B. Standby Uplinks
C. Unused Uplinks
D. Override Failover Order

Answer: AC

New Question
An administrator receives a report that no real time statistics are available for a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory.
Which two statements indicate likely causes of the problem? (Choose two.)

A. The virtual machine is powered off.
B. The host containing the virtual machine is disconnected from vCenter Server.
C. There is insufficient real time data to display the information.
D. The vCenter Server service is not running.

Answer: AB

New Question
Which three actions can be executed when an alarm is triggered? (Choose three.)

A. Send an email.
B. Send an SNMP trap.
C. Run a script or command.
D. Run an Orchestrator workflow.
E. Send a trigger to syslog.

Answer: ABC

New Question
Which two events happen when Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) is disabled? (Choose two.)

A. The cluster's resource pool heirarchy and affinity rules are re-established when DRS is turned back on.
B. The cluster's resource pool hierarchy and affinity rules are not re-established when DRS is turned back on.
C. The cluster's resource pools are removed from the cluster.
D. The cluster's resource pools are removed from the cluster and assigned to the hosts.

Answer: BC

New Question
An administrator attempts to create a Thick Provisioned Virtual Disk (VMDK) on an NFS datastore; but it fails.
Which two reasons would explain the failure? (Choose two.)

A. Datastore is on an NFS 3 storage server that does not support Hardware Acceleration
B. Datastore is on an NFS 4.1 storage server
C. Only VMFS datastores support "Thick Provisioned" VMDK
D. The NFS datastore was not created on a "Thick Provisioned" device

Answer: AB

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