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    Score 790 using this CertifyChat VCE - Metro_Feb and Passleader. Obtained the private cloud cert.

    I would estimate that roughly half of the 45 questions were not covered by either of these and they should not be relied upon as sole sources for study. Moreover, PassCert premium only claims 60% coverage for this test (that was my first resource), and this exam is not available via Transcender through CBTNuggets account, so beware.

    Private Cloud cert expiry is in March, it may be difficult to obtain reliable questions before that time. Use this VCE but be aware that additional resources will be necessary. 70-247 VCE here was much better.

    Good luck. P.S. Microsoft is evidently not awarding an Acclaim badge at this time for the cert, you'll receive the newer Cloud and Platform Infrastructure 2017 instead. I personally had hoped for both badges and am complaining to MS about this.

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