May 3, 2019
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Maria Annie

Jun 26, 2019
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Microsoft has big scope in professional career. We choose different exam according to our goal in which we want to be a certified and have wish to make our future bright. The following give exam is one of them:

Microsoft 70-464 (Microsoft Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases)

Well, there are number of certifications/ Exams in which we take participate. But the actual question is

How can I Pass my Exam in First Attempt? :rolleyes:

In this community, we are actually looks for the better solution to find the answer of this mostly asked question. And the Correct Answer of this Question is:

Actual, Updated and Valid Study Material

Yes, the only solution is Actual and Updated Study Material, by using which, we can all definitely achieve our goals in first attempt, as unawareness of study material can be the causes of our failure, and it is very difficult to take risk in matter of our careers. In the light of some successful experiences, I would like to recommend something very important about Microsoft 70-464 Dumps. As If I will hide, it will not a justice in my view.
If you want to pass your exam in first attempt, First of all you need to focus on some major topics (given below) in your study:

  • Develop An Optimal Strategy For Using Temporary Objects, Including Table Variables And Temporary Tables
  • Implement Online Transaction Processing (OLTP); Implement Columnstore And Sparse Columns
  • Implement Data Control Language Statements Appropriately, Troubleshoot Connection Issues
  • Implement Contained Users, Implement Cross Db Ownership Chaining, Implement Schema Security, Implement Server Roles
  • Choose The Right Lock Mechanism For A Given Task; Handle Deadlocks; Design Index Locking Properties; Fix Locking And Blocking Issues
  • Inspect Physical Characteristics Of Indexes And Perform Index Maintenance; Identify Unused Indexes
  • Select Appropriate Data Types, Including Blobs, Guids, XML, And Spatial Data; Develop A Common Language Runtime (CLR) Data Type
  • Create Constraints On Tables, Define Constraints, Modify Constraints According To Performance Implications, Implement Cascading Deletes
  • Create Stored Procedures And Other Programmatic Objects; Implement Different Types Of Stored Procedure Results; Create A Stored Procedure For The Data Access Layer
  • Modify Scripts That Use Cursors And Loops Into A SET-Based Operation, Design Deterministic And Non-Deterministic Functions
  • Implement Deterministic Or Non-Deterministic Functions; Implement CROSS APPLY By Using Udfs; Implement CLR Functions
  • Apply Data Design Patterns; Develop Appropriately Normalized And De-Normalized SQL Tables; Design Transactions; Design Views
  • Develop A Strategy To Maximize Concurrency; Define A Locking And Concurrency Strategy; Design A Transaction Isolation Strategy
  • Design Indexes And Data Structures; Design Filtered Indexes; Design An Indexing Strategy, Including Column Store, Semantic Indexes
  • Design A Table Data Integrity Policy, Including Checks, Primary Key, Foreign Key, Uniqueness, XML Schema, And Nullability; Select A Primary KeyUse the Price Request Service
I am telling you all this, because its very compulsory to focused study to pass the exam in first attempt and provide 100% accurate Study Material according to our need. I am feeling proud here by sharing such kind of very useful information, which definitely can be causes of many successes.

Good Luck Buddies :)
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