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    store that age brings can compensate for much of this. Moreover, storage space improvement methods can help preserve your psychological functions into old age. Using simple aids such as diaries, post-it-notes or electronic reminders can also help counter storage space slips. How to boost psychological ability - Expand our Interests As we age, our psychological filing cabinets become complete of data of our lifestyle well resided. Yet through it all, the ideas makes more innovative associations between ideas and puts new studying in the context of an enormous store of. This means that it becomes easier to take in new details regarding topics of which we have some encounter and data. So someone who plays poker as a hobby for example, will create on his understanding of different poker positions and methods the more he plays. He can draw on this encounter and data when he encounter something similar next time, and become a better player. The same will also apply to any specialized niche, hobby or profession - Stamp collecting, music, politics, medicine, attitude, astrophysics or even television soap operas. Besides helping to keep your psychological capabilities, pursuing a new interest can offer lifestyle more interesting. Two Breakthroughs The ideas, once a mysterious 'black box' that researchers could not decode, is finally revealing some of its biggest secrets. This offers large promise to anyone who's worried

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