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    Just passed 70-247

    I had to take it twice . First time i didn't prepare properly as i underestimated this test.

    I used the following :

    • Microsoft ExamRef for 70-247. Is a great book
    • System Center 2012 Unleashed . Another nice book
    • Pluralsight course for 70-247 . Good course and you can find it online for download
    • CBT Nuggets course
    • MOC
    • MVA private cloud courses
    • Built a virtual lab for doing practice

    All is available online just need to search for it a bit =)

    Lots of info is available , unfortunately is disperse

    I suggest to focus on learning :

    • Hw and SW requirements . There are many questions regarding this
    • Upgrade from previous versions. Not only what can be upgraded or not but also you need to know how to do it in order.
    • Operations manager . Gateway , ports , synthetic transactions , integration to other products, roles
    • App Controller
    • Server app v
    • Service Manager . queues , slos , integration , upgrade
    • Service templates , creating , updating
    • VM , Profiles , integrations , storage management , patching , network management
    • Orchestrator . integrations , upgrades , requirements
    • Know the differences between system center 2012 , sp1 and r2
    • DPM , agents , how to protect dpm

    70-247 exam uses a lot of case studios , i got totally different case studios on my exams . They are 50 % of the exam and are very time consuming

    As general tip go directly to the questions without reading the case , then go back and read it. This way you know what to search for without exhausting your time and patience with long case descritptions that many times only confuse you.

    Do not rely only on dumps . Dumps are not enough to pass . Dumps are useful to find your gaps in knowledge and avoid paying official tests

    If you feel an answer on a dump is not 100% clearly correct or has no logic explanation then go and research the topic and make your own answer.

    If you have built a lab use it and try to simulate the situations on the questions , that will be more reliable on what works and what not

    Funny thing is that using vces is becoming as expensive as buying an official test from measureup or trasncender , this due the avanset current pricing model.

    Microsoft is regularly adding questions to this test. After all is one of its premier level certs

    I have taken more than 20 MS tests and this one is one of thoughest ones .

    In summary

    Study , Practice in a lab and do practice tests

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