You need to ensure that User1 can use IPAM to modify the DHCP scopes on Server2.

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    Your network contains an Active Directory domain named
    The domain contains two servers named Server1 and Server2 that run Windows Server
    2012 R2.
    Server1 has the IP Address Management (IPAM) Server feature installed.
    Server2 has the DHCP Server server role installed.
    A user named User1 is a member of the IPAM Users group on Server1.
    You need to ensure that User1 can use IPAM to modify the DHCP scopes on Server2.
    The solution must minimize the number of permissions assigned to User1.
    To which group should you add User1?
    DHCP Administrators on Server2
    IPAM ASM Administrators on Server1
    IPAMUG in Active Directory
    IPAM MSM Administrators on Server1
    Answer: A
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    I saw many post on aiotesking that it is D.
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    A) DHCP Administrators on Server2
    The user needs to be able to modify DHCP
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    -The solution must MINIMIZE the amount of permissions assigned to user1 in addition it must work with IPAM. DHCP Administrators dosen't work with IPAM. IPAM DHCP Administrators, YES. Plain old DHCP administrators...NO... Let's look at what each does:

    IPAM MSM administrator Completely manages DHCP and DNS servers...
    IPAM ASM administrator Completely manages IP addresses (which means NOT DHCP, so it cannot be ASM, manages IP it means :"Manages IP addresses including IP address spaces, ranges, blocks, or subnets.")
    iPAMUG (ipam users group) cannot manage or add or create DHCP cannot be this one.
    DHCP Administrators. Dosen't use IPAM, which the quesiton requires. DHCP administrators are a standard, non-IPAM group.

    Members of the DHCP Administrators group have administrative access to the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server service. This group provides a way to assign limited administrative access to the DHCP server only, while not providing full access to the server. Members of this group can administer DHCP on a server using the DHCP console or the Netsh command, but are not able to perform other administrative actions on the server.

    Members of the DHCP Users group have read-only access to the DHCP Server service."

    The only one left, that has least privilidges that actually USES IPAM that can also manage DHCP...
    IPAM MSM administrator

    ASM dosen't manage DHCP, so you cannot create a scope. Users group cannot manage DHCP. DHCP Administrator isn't an IPAM security can create DHCP scopes, but not in IPAM.

    MSM is it.

    If the quesiton said IPAM DHCP Administrators, then that would be the way to go, or ipam dhcp scope administrators even better.

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